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To search for a spring from our Helper Springs Range, please first select the required Internal Diameter (ID)


2.5 Inch Compressed Lengths Info           2.25 Inch Compressed Lengths Info

 2.5" (65mm) ID 2.25" (58.5mm) ID
1.9" / 2.0" (52mm) ID ( Please note, there are larger tolerances on the ID's for the weakest rate Helpers Springs ie 4 lbs to 7 lbs versions )

Special Spring Seat Platforms

Seat 1.9
Spring Seat for 1.9" I.D. (48mm)
Cost - £13.00 Each Ex VAT

Seat 2.25
Spring Seat for 2.25" I.D. (58mm)
Cost - £13.00 Each Ex VAT

Seat 2.5
Spring Seat for 2.5" I.D. (63mm)
Cost - £13.00 Each Ex VAT
(No discount on Spring Seats)

Most Helper Springs are now manufactured in Silicon Chrome material.
All springs are designed to go coil bound and return to the designed free length.
Free lengths in stock are 2" and 4" (50.80mm and 101.60mm)
Internal diameters in stock 1.9"/2.0", 2.25" and 2.5" (51mm, 58.5mm and 65mm)
Rates in stock 4lbs to 450lbs (0.07kg/mm to 8.04kg/mm)
Other lenghs, rates or diameters can be manufactured, depending on customer requirements.
General Information
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